Town Items are items that only have a use outside of battle.


Dyes are used to change your gears different colors. Not to be confused with colored dyes which are used for colored fabrics needed for Legendary Beast gear.

Lieutenant Items

Items that only work with Lieutenants

Item Effect
Dim Sum Human: Restore 1/5 motivation
Animal: Restore a sliver of motivation.
Large Dim Sum Human: Fully restore motivation
Animal: Restore 1/5 motivation.
Mystic Remedy Human: Restore a sliver of motivation
Animal: Restores 1/5 motivation.
Mystical Potion Human: Restore 1/5 motivation
Animal: Fully restore motivation.
Submission Remedy Certain Animal Lieutenants can become mountable. Loses /trick action.
Wild Beast Remedy Mountable Lieutenant goes back to being a regular Lieutenant.
Guard Tenets Used to upgrade Lieutenants skills for mountable Lieutenants at the Animal Trainer.

Sewing Cloths

Cloths used to make new gear from existing pieces combined with the cloth.

Cloth Quest
Nanman Cloth Escort the Messenger
Shanyue Cloth Eliminate The Bandits
Wuhuan Cloth Rescue the Apprentice
Wuling Cloth Path Maintenance
Xianbei Cloth Menacing Troops
Xiongnu Cloth Rescue Lu Feng
Xiqiang Cloth The Targeted Fleet


Items that only work in your Garden

Item Effect
Fertilizer Uses 1 zest with the effect of watering 5 times.
Mulch Increase time a harvest able plant (Lv4+) can stay alive.


Other Town Items with a use outside of battle that doesn't fit the above

Item Effect
Fu Xi Fabric Used to make Fu Xi gear.
Nu Wa Fabric Used to make Nu Wa gear.
Noble Visa Restart Kunlun Mountain at the highest point reached, max Stage 100.