Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 14:56
# of Players 3
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? No

You will need Attack, Defense and Musou for this quest so you can take a few hits from the 3 Armor Level 4 Generals before spamming true musou to take them out. One player will also need a bit of damage to cap the tower base in the north. (Just 1 upgrade or Hurricane Card is enough).

  • First, all 3 players should take all 3 bases: One in west, one in east, and one in northeast and take all 3 in 4 minutes! It will ping on bases that you needed to take. (One player per base is recommended)
  • Then do the following 3 tasks as fast as possible:
  1. Take the remaining 2 bases (1 troop, 1 tower) at north and north-east of the map
  2. Kill 7 Armor Level 4 Sub-Generals at the south part of the map
  3. Get your combined total kill count to 1,000. You need to cooperate very well to finish these as fast as possible.
  • After those are done, defeat the 3 Armor Level 4 Shu Brothers (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei) to finish the quest!

Tip for the Shu Brothers:

The 3 brother are not of equal power, they are quite different:

  • Zhang Fei: This is the toughest boss. Not just that he has Armor Level 5 that allows him to be impervious to musou, he is also immune to elemental effects. Thus the only way to beat him is with pure power. If you can't defeat all 3 brother in the same musou, this should be the one to have priority first, because once you die you lose your upgrades and it is not possible to beat him without stats.
  • Guan Yu: This is the second toughest boss. He has Armor Level 5 that allows him to be impervious to musou, but he is still affected by elemental effects. So you can try to freeze or stun him with ice or lightning, and beat him with pure power. Or if you already die, you can try to lure him to nearby base, then keep using double musou and die and repeat.
  • Liu Bei: This is the easiest boss. He only has Armor Level 4 so he is still affected completely by musou, and he is also affected by the elements. You can solo him easily by just musou him, run away to refill musou in whatever way you have, and repeat.
Rank Condition Leader Reward Partner Reward
S Time: 5:00+ Time Scroll x1
Hurricane Card x4
Tortoise Amulet x4
Tortoise Amulet x4
Storage Flask x4
A Time: 4:07 - 4:43 Tortoise Amulet x4
Storage Flask x4
Tortoise Amulet x4
Storage Flask x2
B Time 3:28 Tortoise Amulet x4
Storage Flask x2
C Time: 2:22 - 2:42 Tortoise Amulet x2
Storage Flask x1
D Time: 1:09 Tortoise Amulet x2 -
E Complete before 0:00 Tortoise Amulet x1 Tortoise Amulet x1
100 gold