Quest Grade D
Quest NPC Marshal
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? Yes

The goal of this stage is to help the Captain become less surrounded by removing the 4 units around him and take the Supply base. To remove units around him you must
1. Take the Captain Base to his lower right to remove the Sword troop
2. Take the Tower Base above the Captain Base to remove Archer troops
3. Defeat the Halberd Captain (Armor Level 4) at the top left to remove Halberd troops
4. Get 200 KO's to remove Spear troops

Note: If the commander asks for help before you killed every obstacle, just do it quickly within 2 minutes. The last enemy will despawn and he is automatically saved.

Rank Condition Reward
S Remove the Sword, Archer, Halberd, and Spear captains
Take the Main Base
Time: 7:10
Large Flask x2
Granite Belt x1
Dragon Scale Wings Recipe
A Rush the Supply Base without any other condition done Large Flask x2
B Time: 6:32 or less with all conditions Large Flask x1
C Time: 5:58 or less with all conditions 400 Gold
D Time: 3:43 or less with all conditions 300 Gold
E Time: 3:00 or less with all conditions 200 Gold