Quest Grade D
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 17:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? No

In this quest, you have to save the 3 brothers and keep them alive until they eventually leave the field (the first two anyway). Speed is recommended, as the 3 brothers are in different locations, and you will have to capture 2 Troop bases.

  • The Youngest brother will appear at Position A once your KO count reaches 75. Stay in his area as he will ask for help 3 times, in the meantime get your KO count as close to 300 as you can.
  • Then capture bases 3 and 1 to spawn the Middle brother at Position B. If you have 500 KOs by the time you reach him pass by him and run straight to Position C, if your KO count is below 500 you will have to stay by him similarly to the Youngest brother.
  • At Position C a Bandit Chief will appear, kill him then immediately double back to Position D where the Eldest brother will then spawn, meet with him to finish the quest.

Note: The Youngest and Middle brothers do not count as saved until they safely leave for home, the Eldest brother doesn't count as saved if you take too long to reach him.

Rank Condition Reward
S Save three brothers.
Time: 4:10
Stone x2
Flat Fabric x1
Speed Scroll Flask Recipe
A Save three brothers.
Time: under 4:05
Stone x2
B Save two brothers.
Time: 5:52
Stone x1
C Save two brothers.
Time: Run Out
400 Gold
D Unknown 300 Gold
E Save one brother.
Time: Run Out
200 Gold
DWO QUEST The Missing Brothers

DWO QUEST The Missing Brothers