Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Technology
Minor Domestic Peace
Damage needed? Maybe

Wan She will start at Base 6, Wan Lin at Base 4.

Capture Base 6 near Wan She (Captain). Follow Wan She to his next destination, if Base 3 lower his health then leave him alone and capture Base 4 by Wan Lin (Captain). Follow Wan Lin to his next destination, if Base 5 lower his health if not capture the base to force him to run to Base 5. When the brothers are near Base 3 (Wan She) and Base 5 (Wan Lin) you will have to kill them within 10 seconds of each other, fail to do so and the living brother will revive the one that died. When both are defeated Wang Tong will appear in 4 different areas, 3 are fake ("I am the real one!"), 1 is real ("I'm not...the real Wang Tong!") kill the one saying he's not the real one to finish the quest.

Wan She and Wan Lin are meant to be near each other by Base 3 (Wan She) and Base 5 (Wan Lin) however one of the brothers will run to a different base instead. Based on who ran where determines the location of the real Wang Tong.

Brother ran to Real Wang Tong will be located
Wan She - Base 2 (Captain) East of Base 5
Wan She - Base 7 (Tower) Southeast of Base 3
Wan Lin - Base 8 (Captain) Nearest Enemy Supply Base
Wan Lin - Base 1 (Tower) Between Bases 4 & 5
Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 7:00 Aged Wine x5
Scale Amulet x2
Wind Fang Recipe
A Time: 5:04 Aged Wine x4
Scale Amulet x1
B Time: 3:00 Dragon Amulet x3
C Time: 1:56 Dragon Amulet x1
250 Gold
D Kill Wang Lin and Wang Sen Dragon Amulet x1
100 Gold
E Capture all bases 450 Gold
Fallen Mage

Fallen Mage.wmv