Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Distribution
Minor Domestic Commerce
Damage needed? Maybe

The object of this quest is to build a path all the way up to the top. Quest doesn't depend on time. In order to build a path you must kill everything including:

  • Kill every single troop along the path of your choosing.
  • The bases along the path you choose including the supply base.
  • The Bandit Officers along the same path you took (See map for locations).
  • Finally, the Bandit Chief will appear near your allied NPC at the top of the map, (be aware the Bandit Chief might accidentally kill your allied NPC). The Bandit Chief will not appear if you reach the client with only 1 min left, and thus you can't get S rank for the quest.

You'll know you've secured a path when blue soldiers appear along it. At the end you'll have to fight the Bandit Chief. To more easily accomplish this task, break the box next to him to find an Imperial Seal, and use that to defeat him. Try to use it with an attack multiplier upgrade if you can. Be aware the Bandit Chief has Armor Level 4, and is very strong.

Rank Condition Reward
S Capture: All bases along a single route
Bandit officers: Defeated
Chief: Killed
K.O.s: 528+
Fur+1 x4
Crafting Sphere x2
Ginseng x1
A Don't complete 1 condition from the "S" list. Stone Belt x4
Fur+1 x4
B Don't capture any 2 bases on your way, or
you don't complete 2 conditions from the "S" list.
Stone Belt x4
Shell Amulet x2
C Don't complete 3 conditions from the "S" list. Stone Belt x4
D Don't complete any condition from the "S" list, but you captured at least 2 bases. Stone Belt x1
E Don't complete any condition from the "S" list and you captured less than 2 bases. Unknown
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