In Dynasty Warriors Online, quests serve several purposes. They can improve your Domestic Skills, give you gold or items, and increase your Honor. Your actions during a quest are evaluated, and at the completion of the quest, you get a rank ranging from S (high) to E (low). Generally, the better you do on a quest, the better the reward.

This page contains a list of all the quests currently available, as well as the conditions to get an S Rank. Please note that this is a work in progress, and any contributions are much appreciated.

The use of Chun Qiu Annals during a quest will double the domestic points you earn. For example, a quest that normally gives 14 Technology points for S Rank will give 28 Technology points with the use of Chun Qiu Annals. Note once you hit 100 in your domestic stat the faction will automatically get double your points while you get the normal amount. Chun Qiu Complete Set will triple the points earn in a quest.

The amount of honor gained for a quest also depends on your actions during the quest. If you manage to capture a base, you will be rewarded with 4 Honor. So even if the conditions of a quest don't require you to capture a base, you may choose to do so for the additional Honor.

Quest's Sorted by Domestic Skill

For a list of all available quests sorted by domestic skills gained please click here.

Introduction, Tutorial & Informational Quests

These involve all of the quests and battles you will need to do as part of the tutorial section of the game, along with extra optional quests that you may repeat infinitely. Note that by S Ranking the very first battle you are put into, you may skip most of the tutorial quests. For a more detailed guide and walk through, please click here.

Executing Quests

The first quest is automatically executed after character creation. Tutorial quests from NPCs in the open area of the courtyard will be executed immediately after taking it; if you fail or get disconnected during those quests, simply come back and talk to the same NPC to redo the quest.

All other quests will require you to talk to the Clerk standing right outside the tavern in any Plaza and select Execute Quest.

Promotion Quests

Pre-Guard Promotion Tests

Prior to becoming a Guard, you have to work your way through the ranks Corporal, Sergeant, and Lieutenant Major. You receive each of these quests from the Instructor upon reaching specific Honor Point milestones.

Rank Honor Objective Reward
Corporal 20 Defeat 300 enemies 500 Gold
Sergeant 50 Defeat 300 enemies and the Instructor 500 Gold
Lt. Major 100 Defeat 400 enemies and the Instructor 500 Gold

Post-Guard Promotion Test

Promotion Test Honor Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
Guard Promotion Test 200 - -
Lieutenant Colonel Promotion Test 500 Technology Military
Colonel Promotion Test 1000 Technology Military
Field General Promotion Test 2000 Technology Military
Support General Promotion 3000 - -
Rear General Promotion Test 5000 Technology Military
Counselor General Promotion 7000 - -
Front General Promotion Test 10000 Technology Military
4th Elite General Promotion 15000 - -
Perimeter General Promotion Test 20000 Technology Military
Strategist General Promotion 30000 - -
Chariot General Promotion Test 50000 Military Technology
Cavalry General Promotion 70000 - -
Grand General Promotion Test 100000 All +20

Rank and Grade of Quests

Each quest gives two domestic bonuses. However, points given for each domestic skill are different. The highest grade attainable in any quest is an "S" rank. The highest grade quest is "A". Each quest has a "Major" domestic skill it increases and a "Minor" domestic skill bonus it increases. In the table below, the major bonus is listed on the left, while the minor bonus is listed on the right.

Rank Rank E Rank D Rank C Rank B Rank A Rank S
Grade E Quests +1/+1 +2/+1 +3/+1 +4/+1 +5/+2 +10/+5
Grade D Quests +2/+1 +3/+1 +4/+1 +5/+2 +6/+2 +12/+6
Grade C Quests +3/+1 +4/+1 +5/+2 +6/+2 +7/+3 +14/+7
Grade B Quests +4/+1 +5/+2 +6/+2 +7/+3 +8/+4 +16/+8
Grade A Quests +5/+2 +6/+2 +7/+3 +8/+4 +9/+5 +18/+9

Take for example the Grade E quest Rescue the Daughter; if you achieve an S rank on that quest you will increase your Commerce stat by 10 and Peace stat by 5 (as Commerce is the major bonus and Peace is the minor bonus). If a Chun Qiu Annals was used you will gain 20 Commerce and 10 Peace, with a Chun Qiu Complete Set it'll be 30 Commerce and 15 Peace.

As you can see, S ranking a quest will significantly increase the points you gain towards domestic skills, doubling or tripling the experience you gain in most cases. (Note: For several quests, you will notice that the Rank S-B rewards are items while the Rank C-E rewards are money. Do not be fooled. Domestic skill bonuses are far more valuable. Why? Read more on domestic skills to find out.)

Remember that you can do "Partner" Quests as often as someone else is willing to do them. When doing a Partner quest, (e.g. someone brings you into the Failed Yellow Turbans quest, and you don't have it in your active quests list.) You will receive half the domestic skill bonuses (rounded down) for finishing the quest. You will still be able to do the quest with full value when you execute it yourself.

Some quests have more than one minor/major skill, the same points apply (e.g. Grade A quest, S rank, has 2 minors, each would give +9).

To see total exp requirements for each level see Domestic Skill Level Requirements.

Non-repeatable Quests

These quests do not give out domestic skill points(Craftsman's Request is an exception), and are only doable once.

Quest Name Players Client S Rank Reward Grade Domestic Skill
Bases Fundamentals 1 Instructor Hua Tuo's Journal x1 E -
Craftsman's Request 1 Master Craftsman Loom x1
Pot x1
Ore x6
Access to community crafting application tutorial, and a couple of starter recipes.
D Technology
^Hints from the Instructor 1 Instructor Ruby x1 E -
TNG: Hiring Lieutenants 1 Instructor Lieutenant (hired from the battlefield if you choose to keep it) E -
Upgrading with Flasks 1 Instructor Hua Tuo's Journal x1 E -

^: This quest is to teach you how to temper a weapon, you are given a Ruby for this.

Repeatable Quests

A quest can be repeated every couple of hours depending on the grade of the quest. Higher grade quests must wait a longer while before repeating than lower grade quests.

Grade Time Frame to reappear(Game time) Time Frame to reappear(Real life)
Grade E quests 1 month 30 hours (1.25 days)
Grade D quests 2 months 60 hours (2.50 days)
Grade C quests 3 months 90 hours (3.75 days)
Grade B quests 4 months 120 hours (5 days)
Grade A quests 5 months 150 hours (6.25 days)

The countdown to when the quest will reappear again will start when you hand in the quest back to the NPC and receive your reward. Also, choosing to abandon a quest will also start the countdown. If you disconnect while questing, you can immediately restart the quest - there isn't a countdown.

Note: Certain quest are only available to generals with bonus to a certain domestic contribution. To get these quest you have to serve a general that give bonus to the appropriate domestic contribution.

Grade E Quests

Quest Name Players Quest Giver S Rank Rewards Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
Gathering Iron 1 Blacksmith 600 Gold Commerce Technology
Rectified Son 1 Merchant 600 Gold Commerce Distribution
Rescue the Daughter 1 Bar Manager 600 Gold Commerce Peace
The Legendary Wine 1 Bar Manager 600 Gold Commerce Technology
The Mathematician 1 Antiques Dealer 600 Gold Commerce Distribution

Grade D Quests

Quest Name Players Quest Giver S Rank Rewards Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
A Soldier Prizes Speed 1 Generals
(see below)
250 Gold
Storm Card x1
Feather Amulet x1
Military Distribution
Black Marketeer 4 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x4
Lily Seed x1
Commerce Peace
Capture the Messenger 1 Generals
(see below)
M: Combat Boots +4
F: Leg Guards +4
Storm Tear x1
250 Gold
Technology Distribution
Destroy the Facility 1 Generals
(see below)
250 Gold
Level 2 Weapon x1
Military Technology
Ghosts of the Battlefield 1 Bar Manager Stone x2
Gourd+2 x1
Feather Amulet Flask Recipe
Commerce Distribution
Mystery of the Marsh 1 Bar Manager Large Flask x2
Shell Amulet x1
Blitz Dragon Scroll Recipe
Peace Military
Reinforcement Request 1 Bar Manager Stone Belt x2
Scale Amulet x1
Scale Amulet Belt Recipe
Military Peace
Rescue the Apprentice 1 Tailor Herbal Tea x4
Wuhuan Cloth x1
Seal Stone Belt Recipe
Commerce Technology
Stop the Black Market 2 Generals with bonus to Commerce Dragon Amulet x5
Granite Belt x2
Commerce Military
The Effort of Three 3 Bar Manager Anti-steel element x5
Weeping Plum Seed x2
Fire/Ice/Vorpal/Wind/Lightning Elixir Recipe
Technology Military
The Mathematician Returns 2 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x4
Remedy x1
Dragon Amulet Ginseng Recipe
Commerce Distribution
The Missing Brothers 1 Bar Manager Stone x2
Flat Fabric x1
Speed Scroll Flask Recipe
Peace Technology
The Prisoner and Goods 1 Bar Manager Large Flask x2
Feather Amulet x1
Wind Belt Recipe
Military Commerce
The Seven Wise Men 1 Bar Manager Mirror x2
Fur+1 x1
Vorpal Remedy Recipe
Commerce Technology
The Smuggling Ring 1 Bar Manager Mirror x2
Shell Amulet x1
Large Ginseng Flask Recipe
Peace Distribution
The Surrounded Coalition 1 Marshal Large Flask x2
Granite Belt x1
Dragon Scale Wings Recipe
Peace Military
Troublesome Mage 1 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x2
Granite Belt x1
Tiger Tortoise Bauble Recipe
Distribution Commerce
Wealth, Money, Boss 3 Generals with bonus to Peace Wind element x5
Storage Flask x2
Peace Technology
Who's the Bad One? 1 Bar Manager Anti-steel element x2
Flat Fabric x1
Cold Elixir Recipe
Technology Commerce
  • 3 solo quests from a general can always be started from the general you are currently serving. However, you can choose to start these quests from other generals in your faction too. Upon reaching a specific level in domestic contribution, you will make these quests available to be started from any generals with bonus toward that domestic skill. The milestone level are: 15 for The Soldier Prizes Speed, 30 for Destroy the Facility; and 35 for Capture the Messenger (the +10 bonus to domestic skill level from serving a general does not count for this purpose). Once you start a quest from a general, you cannot start the same quest from another general anymore until the next time the quest is available.

Grade C Quests

Quest Name Players Quest Giver S Rank Rewards Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
Escort the Messenger 3 Bar Manager Anti-ice element x4
Anti-lightning element x4
Thermal Scroll x1
Nanman Cloth x1
Tortoise Elixir Recipe
Distribution Military
Failed Yellow Turbans 2 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x4
Chinese Peony Seed x4
Anti-lightning element+2 x2
Peace Distribution
Island Training Corps 1 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x5
Anti-ice element+1 x2
Tiger Amulet Flask Recipe
Military Peace
Moon Bond 2 Bar Manager Anti-lightning element+1 x4
Shell Amulet x4
Time Scroll x1
Granite Belt + Remedy recipe
Distribution Military
Much Effort, Little Reward 1 Bar Manager Steel element x5
Vorpal Orb x2
Speed Fang Recipe
Technology Military
Mystery of the Will 1 Bar Manager Storm Card x5
Herbal Tea x2
Technology Distribution
North and South Dippers 1 Bar Manager Lantern Plant Seed x5
Lightning Orb x2
Technology Commerce
Pursuit After the Enemy 2 Marshal Storm Tear+1 x4
Tiger Fur x1
Ice Orb x4
Military Distribution
Siege of the Bandit Base 1 Marshal Crafting Sphere x5
Feather Amulet x2
Swift Mirror Recipe
Peace Military
Snow Princess' Robe 3 Generals with Distribution Peacock Amulet x4
Lightning Orb x4
Aged Wine x2
Distribution Commerce
The Fallen Mage 1 Bar Manager Aged Wine x5
Scale Amulet x2
Wind Fang Recipe
Technology Peace
The Mystic of the Springs 1 Bar Manager Storm Card x5
Aged Wine x2
Crystalline Tortoise Scroll Recipe
Peace Military
The Red Horse 1 Bar Manager Remedy x1
Crafting Sphere x5
Fire Peacock Scroll Recipe
Distribution Military
The Severed Route 4 Generals with Distribution Inferno Orb x1
Enchanted Mirror x4
Large Flask x4
Distribution Military
The Stolen Goods 1 Bar Manager M: Warrior's Headband +4
F: Crimson Cloth +4
Anti-ice element x4
Anti-wind element+1 x2
Stone Belt of Swiftness Recipe
Peace Distribution
The Wondrous Spring 1 Bar Manager M: Regal Crown +4 x1
F: Dancer's Gold Comb +4 x1
Mirror x4
Anti-wind element+1 x1
Fire/Ice/Vorpal/ Wind Speed Scroll Recipe
Technology Distribution
Three People, Three Ideas 3 Bar Manager Time Scroll x1
Hurricane Card x4
Tortoise Amulet x4
Peace Technology
Training at the Stronghold 2 Generals with bonus to Military Elixir x4
Fire Orb x4
Wind Scroll x1
Military Technology
Training Within the Castle 3 Generals with bonus to Technology Tortoise Amulet x4
Herbal Elixir x2
Tornado Orb x1
Technology Distribution
Trial of Luck and Skill 1 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x4
Weeping Plum Seed x1
Tiger Herb Elixir Recipe
Military Technology
Victory Without Fighting 1 Bar Manager Wind element x5
Tree Peony seed x2
Elixir Remedy Recipe
Technology Distribution

Grade B Quests

Quest Name Players Quest Giver S Rank Rewards Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
Challenge from the Trio 3 Generals with bonus to Peace Large Flask x4
Stone Belt x4
Wind Orb x3
Scale Amulet x4
Claw Amulet x2
Peace Technology
Communion of the Minds 2 Generals with bonus to Military Storm Card x4
Remedy x3
Storage Flask x4
Blizzard Orb x2
Military Technology
Defeat the Allies 4 Bar Manager Wind element x4
Crafting Sphere x4
Feather Amulet x3
Anti-fire element+1 x4
True Vorpal Orb x2
Commerce Peace
Eliminate The Bandits 2 Blacksmith Fur x4
Stone x4
Ice Orb x3
Rain Amulet x4
Ginseng x2
Shanyue Cloth x1
Commerce Military
Empty Castle Scouting 2 Tailor Storm Card x4
Peacock Amulet x4
Crafting Sphere x6
Granite Belt x4
Tiger Fur x2
Military Technology
Insect Collecting 2 Bar Manager Peacock Amulet x4
Dragon Amulet x4
Hurricane Card x3
Herbal Elixir x2
Inferno Orb x2
Fire/Ice/Lightning/Vorpal/Wind Stone Belts Recipes
Technology Commerce
Menacing Troops 1 Bar Manager Level 3 Weapon x1
Herbal Tea x2
Stone+1 x2
Xianbei Cloth x1
Peace Commerce
Path Maintenance 1 Bar Manager Enchanted Mirror x4
Vorpal Orb x2
Crystalline Scroll x1
Wuling Cloth x1
Distribution Commerce
Rescue Lu Feng 2 Bar Manager Tornado Orb x2
Dragon Amulet x4
Tortoise Amulet x4
Sunflower seed x2
Strawberry seed x3
Xiongnu Cloth x1
Commerce Distribution
Road Maintenance 1 Bar Manager Fur+1 x4
Crafting Sphere x2
Ginseng x1
Distribution Commerce
Smooth Operations 1 Bar Manager Crafting Sphere x4
Anti-lightning element+1 x2
Time Scroll x1
Liquid Dye x1
Military Technology
Strength and Weakness 1 Clerk Feather Amulet x2
Hurricane Card x4
Anti-steel element+2 x2
Liquid Dye x1
Commerce Peace
The Censer of Longevity 1 Antiques Dealer Steel element+1 x2
Crystalline Scroll x1
Liquid Dye x1
Lily seed x2
Peace Distribution
The Targeted Fleet 2 Bar Manager Hua Tuo's Journal x4
Elixir x4
Weeping Plum seed x3
Wind Orb x4
Thermal Scroll x2
Xiqiang Cloth x1
Military Peace
Trial of Luck and Skill 2 2 Bar Manager Hua Tuo's Journal x4
Elixir x4
Herbal Tea x3
Storage Flask x4
Blizzard Orb x2
Technology Peace
Wizards in the Castle 1 Bar Manager Blitz Scroll x1
Fire Orb x2
Remedy x2
Liquid Dye x1
Military Technology

Grade A Quests

Quest Name Players Quest Giver S Rank Rewards Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
General Wu Xu 1 Generals M: Silver Boots +6 x1
F: Silver Zephyr +6 x1
Peacock Amulet x6
Herbal Tea x4
Enchanted Mirror x4
Speed Scroll x1
Peace Technology
Pride of the Elite Guards 1 Dian Wei or Xu Zhu (CC faction only) ?? Military Technology
The Mysterious Zhang 1 Generals Random Dragon Spear x1
Fur x4
Fire Orb x3
Wind Scroll x1
Military Distribution
Weather General 1 Merchant Storm Tear x6
Storage Flask x4
Gourd x4
Blitz Orb x1
Inferno Orb x1
Military Commerce

Chronicle Quests

Chronicle quests are special quest that follow the story of the three kingdoms period. They are usually much more difficult than regular quests and have special requirements. When you S rank a Chronicle quest you will be able to view the complete chronicle again with a Bookshelf. Chronicle quest can be received from the Historian in the Tavern. Chronicle quests do not give bonus to domestic skills.

Quest Name Category Players Quest Giver S Rank Rewards
Ambushers on the Path Wei 1 Historian Ambushers on the Path Chronicle
Battle of Mt. Ding Jun Wei 1 Historian Battle of Mt. Ding Jun Chronicle
Battle of Nan Jun Wei 1 Historian Battle of Nan Jun Chronicle
Dian Wei vs. Xu Zhu Wei 1 Historian Dian Wei vs. Xu Zhu Chronicle
One-Eyed Pursuer Wei 1 Historian One-Eyed Pursuer Chronicle, /spring emote
False Defection Plot Wu 1 Historian False Defection Plot Chronicle
Phantom at Mt. Xi Wu 1 Historian Phantom at Mt. Xi Chronicle
The Little Conqueror Wu 1 Historian The Little Conqueror Chronicle
A clever hawk's talons Shu 1 Historian A clever hawk's talons Chronicle
Battle of Chang Ban Shu 1 Historian Battle of Chang Ban Chronicle
Peach Garden Oath Shu 1 Historian The Peach Garden Oath Chronicle
Diao Chan's Plot Warlords 1 Historian Dian Chan's Plot Chronicle

Challenge Quests

Challenge quests are given by the Instructor. They are quests to tests your skill. Getting an S rank on a challenge quests will give you a special title and usually some other reward. Challenge quests do not give domestic skill experience. Some challenge quests must be completed before unlocking more challenge quests.

Quest Name Grade S rank Rewards S Rank Title
CHAL: K.O.Veteran C Spirit Ginseng Recipe CHAL: K.O. Veteran
CHAL: K.O. Expert B Fire/Ice/Vorpal/Wind/Lightning
Hurricane Card Recipe
CHAL: K.O. Expert
CHAL: Suppress Veteran C Fire/Ice/Vorpal/Wind/Lightning
Tiger Amulet Recipe
CHAL: Suppress Veteran
CHAL: Suppress Expert B None CHAL: Suppress Expert
CHAL: Warfare Veteran C Wind Amulet Recipe CHAL: Warfare Veteran
CHAL: Warfare Expert B True Elixir Recipe CHAL: Warfare Expert