Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Requirement Have 400 Honor
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Commerce
Damage needed? No

You must kill 100 enemies to make the phantom of Zhang Jiao appear on the map (ping on screenshot). The location of Zhang Jiao is hidden on the map, the hidden path is located in North of base 2. When you defeat him a mysterious mage boss will appear nearby. Kill him and you will complete the quest. The map is filled with mostly archer soldiers. You should get 100 KO's by going to the troop base at the south, while they drop no flasks for upgrade, it's unnecessary to upgrade at all for this quest, because the phantom's damage is not high enough to make defense upgrades necessary, and the phantom's defense is too high that attack upgrades does not really matter.

Zhang Jiao is tough and has Armor Level 4, but there is a nearby box with an Imperial Seal so you can use True Musou to take care of him. Once he falls, the real boss, the mysterious mage, appears nearby. He also has Armor Level 4 as well, but is not nearly as damaging or annoying as Zhang Jiao.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time 6:11+ Level 3 Weapon x1
Herbal Tea x2
Stone+1 x2
Xianbei Cloth x1
A Time 5:42 - 5:23 Level 2 Weapon x1
Tortoise Amulet x5
Scale Amulet x2
B Time 4:10 Level 2 Weapon x1
Tortoise Amulet x3
Scale Amulet x1
C Time 3:33 - 3:16 Level 1 Weapon x1
Tortoise Amulet x3
D Time 2:44 - 2:10 Level 1 Weapon x1
Tortoise Amulet x1
E Time 0:17 Tortoise Amulet x1
300 Gold
DWO QUEST GUIDE Menacing Troops

DWO QUEST GUIDE Menacing Troops