Gems are one of the most important items in Dynasty Warriors Online. Temper gems allow you to temper your weapon, add upgrades to stats, and repair weapons, chi gems allow you to add statistical boost to your base stats based on the gem used to fully fill the chi bar. Unlike other items, temper gems do not have a restriction of maximum of 9 identical items (chi gems do however). You can carry up to 50 of each temper gem.

  • For what temper gems are used for see the Weapon Modding page.
  • For what chi gems are used for see the Chi Imbuing section on the weapon crafting page.

Gem Types

Temper Gems

Amber Yellow Orb Jade
Amber YellowOrb Jade
Blue Orb Ruby
BlueOrb Ruby

Chi Gems

Pointed Crystal (Attack) Lapis Lazuli Stone (Balance) Rain Drop (Defense)
PointedCrystal LapisLazuli RainDrop

Acquiring Gems

There are four different ways you can acquire gems in the game.

  • Find them in item pouches on the map. Item pouches can be found in boxes. Each map contains two boxes containing item pouches. You will know what was in the item pouch after the battle. However, picking up an item pouch may not always result in a gem, but instead a consumable or raw item.
  • Retrieve them as spoils of war after a melee. You can obtain gems from both melee battles that you are victorious, and battles in which your team is defeated.
  • Care for a friends garden, you may get temper gems this way, however you will not get chi gems from it.
  • Buy them from the Antiques Dealer.

You can increase your chances of finding gems by raising your Distribution skill or equipping a Seven Star Sash in battle.

Note: Temper gems cost 59AP while chi gems cost 120AP at the Antiques Dealer.

Gem Finding, Honor, and Battle Difficulties

Gems can be found in melees, however they have an increased chance of being found if you fight in battles that are appropriate for your honor amount. Someone with a low amount of honor will find Gems in Novice battles while a person with an honor of 1000 or more will not find Gems in Novice battles unless they have a high distribution skill or equip a seven star sash. Do note that it is strictly based on the amount of honor you have and not your rank. So a person who has more than 1000 honor but has not taken the promotion test to rank up to Colonel will still have difficulty finding gems in Novice battles.

Honor, Gems, and Battle Difficulties
Honor Amount Novice Veteran Elite Musou
0-199 OK N/A N/A N/A
200-499 OK N/A N/A OK
500-999 OK OK N/A OK
1000-6999 BAD OK N/A OK
7000-9999 BAD OK OK OK
10000+ BAD BAD OK OK

OK = Can find gems at a normal rate on these difficulties

BAD = Have a very low chance of finding gems on this difficulty unless using a seven star sash or have a high distribution skill

N/A = Cannot participate in these battles

Note: Elite difficulty is currently not available at this time outside of Showdown.