Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 17:56
# of Players 2
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Distribution
Damage needed? Yes

For the first part of the quest you and your partner need to take the two enemy bases (troops) near your spawn points. These bases must be taken within 3 minutes or you will fail. After the bases are taken you will be instructed to take the yellow base (Tower) in the southwest side of the map. One of you should take the base and the other should stay and work on getting kills, you will need them for the next part. After the base is taken you will need 1000 kills between you and your partner. Immediately afterwards two fake generals will appear (one on each side of the map) kill them quickly and move up to the northeast part of the map.

For the last part you have to defeat the 2 Zhang Jiaos. Take the Captain base in the northwest so you will respawn there when you die. To defeat them use a double musou against them. To perform a double musou have 1 player start their musou and the other go up next to them and perform their musou when they see electricity connecting the both of you. A double musou will turn your regular musou into a true musou doing fire damage and ignoring Zhang Jiao's high defense.

Side-note: In order to avoid some complications make sure to capture the base BEFORE going after the 2 Zhang Jiaos. If he follows you into the base, he may capture and then remain there causing you to have to respawn, if necessary, at a further base.

Rank Condition Reward Helper Reward
S Defeat the Brothers before 6:07 Crafting Sphere x4
Chinese Peony Seed x4
Anti-lightning element+2 x2
A Defeat the Brothers between 4:57 - 5:50 Crafting Sphere x4
Chinese Peony Seed x4
B Defeat the Brother between 3:25 - 3:59 Hua Tuo's Journal x2
Enchanted Mirror x1
C Unknown Hua Tuo's Journal x1
Enchanted Mirror x1
D Defeat the Brothers before 2:00 Hua Tuo's Journal x1
E Defeat the Brothers before 0:14 Hua Tuo's Journal x1
300 Gold
DWO QUEST GUIDE Failed Yellow Turbans

DWO QUEST GUIDE Failed Yellow Turbans