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The game is filled with background music, no matter what you do there will usually be a song in the background (unless volume is turned down). This page lists all the possible background music and the triggering conditions.

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Background music here are complied from various users. Thank you.
DWOZ music provided by YunoPhoenix14.
Songs with a @ after are extended versions.


These are the songs played before you log in.

Opening Video

This is the song to the opening video of Dynasty Warriors Online/Z

Opening ~DW Yasu Mix~ Opening ~DW Z Mix~

Title Screen

There is no song at this screen.

Logging In

This song will be played after you have connected to the server to enter your account info, but before you log into the game.

I Go From Now On Zeal of Each

Beginning of new world

This song will be played after choosing the faction for the scenario of the game. Also known as the introduction song to the new world.

Astration The Tale Beginning


These songs are played at different seasons when running around town based on the in-game month when there are no Campaigns active.

Spring (2-4) Cheerfulness of Spring Spring Cherry Blossoms
Summer (4-6) Lively Sunny Scent
Autumn (6-9) Autumn Wind Peaceful Place
Winter (9-2) In Winter Sign Of Snow

Additionally there is a song that plays at Nighttime.

The Stillness Of Night


These songs are played when you are in your or a friend's home.

House Healing
Garden Daytime

Scheduled Campaign

This song is played in town when there is a campaign scheduled, but yet to happen.

During Wartime Scramble Preparation

Ongoing Campaign

This song is played in town when there is a campaign underway.

Instability During The Scramble

(Possible bug) Sometimes the song for scheduled campaign is played instead when there is an ongoing campaign.

Peach Garden

These songs play while you are in the Peach Garden.

Day time Song
Nighttime Song
Survival Match In-Progress


These songs are played when your character is in the battle server, in the middle of a battle. The following are for game modes only.

Preparing for Battle

This song is played when you are in the battle preparation screen, this screen is where you choose your weapon and special items.

Preparations Chosen One ~DW Z Mix~


These songs are the default song for the map in a melee battle and will be played when no other songs have been triggered.


Map Day time Nighttime
Plains Violently@ Attack in the Dark@
Gate Chase the Big Wave@ The Great Chaser
Linked Ships/Forest Scream For The Wind Weep For The Wind
Wall/Castle Grand Red Spirit Groovy Red Spirit
Mountain Path/Range Red, Hot & Spicy@ Hunter Of Calmness
Marsh Different Culture Oriental Groove
Stronghold (2) Come Into Bloom The Bloom of Youth
Island Hold Down ~DW Yasu Mix~@ The Night of Holding Down@
River Port At The Riverside@ Lurks In The Darkness


Map Day time Nighttime
Plains/Marsh/Wall Secret Strategy ~DW Z Mix~ Secret Strategy ~ DW Z Nighter Mix~
Gate/Forest/Mountain Path/River Port Withdrawal ~DW Z Mix~ Withdrawal ~DW Z Nighter Mix~
Linked Ships/Castle/Mountain Range Isolation ~DW Z mix~ Isolation ~DW Z Nighter Mix~
Island/Stronghold (2) Massacre Theatre ~DW Z Mix~ Massacre Theatre ~DW Z Nighter Mix~


These are the songs played during Quests.


Type Song Name
Solo Steal A March@
Multiplayer Stormy Grooves@


Time of Day Song Name
Day Flying Cloud ~DW Z Mix~
Night Flying Cloud ~DW Z Nighter Mix~

Campaign Battle

These songs are played during campaign battles.


Type Song Name
Capture Intrudes into the Battlefield@
Defeat Risking Death
Defeat the Enemy Leader Fate of the Nation@
Win Victory Jubilee ~DW Yasu Mix~
Lose/Draw In Conclusion ~ DW Yasu Mix~


Type DWO
Day time Thousand Suns ~DW Z Mix~
Nighttime Thousand Suns ~DW Z Nighter Mix~
Win Victory Jubilee ~DW Z Mix~
Lose/Draw In Conclusion ~DW Z Mix~


These songs are played during Showdowns.

A Last Decisive Battle (Day time)
Don't Go Away (Nighttime)

Kunlun Mountain

These are the songs that play when climbing Kunlun Mountain.

Three Section Maps One More Push (Minor Mission 1)
The Other Time (Minor Mission 2)
Convolution (Minor Mission 3)
One Section Maps It Remains
Fu Xi/Nu Wa Stage Mystiq Runner
Sacred Beast Stage From Sixth World

Survival Match

These songs are played during the course of Survival Matches.

Avenger's Party -> Evil Carnival -> Extra Heavy Gauge

Close to Victory

These songs are trigger when one side is getting close to victory condition, and will be played as long as the condition remains. Close to victory is defined as

  • Enemy has no more than 3 supply units left in Showdowns
  • Achieving 90% of the count for Confront, Defeat, Treasure and Fighting Strength
  • Only 1 base left to capture in Suppress

These songs are never played during Defeat the Enemy Leader games as they do not have a close to victory condition.

Condition DWO DWOZ
Ally winning Superior ~DW Yasu Mix~@ Superior ~DW Z Mix~
Enemy winning Tyrant ~DW Yasu Mix~@ March of Destruction ~DW Z Mix~
Both close to winning Hurry Up!! ~DW Yasu Mix~ The Salvation ~DW Z Mix~

Meet the Musou General

These songs are triggered once per Campaign match for a short amount of time when an ally or enemy meet a Musou General. These don't play in Defeat the Enemy Leader matches and doesn't trigger when one arrives as reinforcements.

Condition DWO DWOZ
Ally meets Enemy Commander Fear
Enemy meets Ally Commander Greatest Help
Meet Lu Bu Theme of Lu Bu ~DW Yasu Mix~

Battle Summary

These songs are played when the battle is over and during the battle summary screen, before you go back to your house.

Battle Victory Winner Victory Jubilee ~DW Z Mix~
Battle Draw/Lose Loser In Conclusion ~DW Z Mix~
After battle summary After the War

End of this World

This song is played when a scenario ends showing the leader of the winning faction with the map on their background and player statistics such as days serve in a specific faction and general.

The End of a Certain World Farewell To... ~DW Z Mix~