Quest Grade D
Quest NPC Generals
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Military
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? No

For this quest you must get 500 KOs as quickly as you can. After a certain amount of KOs a new set of troops will appear in the order listed on the map. These locations are marked A, B, C and D on the map. A & C contain only bowmen. Because it takes too long to kill bow units who are spread out, it is suggested to target the bases instead.

Spot KO requirement Troop Type
A 150 Bow
B 200 Normal
C 300 Bow
D 350 Normal + Drill Captain

Recommended way to do the quest

  • Kill at least 150 red troops around your spawn point.
  • Kill the yellow troops in the fake base (Gaining 10+ KOs).
  • Head south and capture both bases 1 and 6 (Gaining 200 KOs; total 350+ KOs otherwise D will not spawn)

This will make the final (150) spawn just to your West.

Note: Your rank may effect time needed to S Rank the quest.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: Above 6:00 250 Gold
Storm Card x1
Feather Amulet x1
A Time: 4:09 Storm Card x2
B Time: 3:50 Storm Card x1
C Time: 3:05 400 Gold
D Time: 2:11 300 Gold
E Time: 2:11 or below 200 Gold
DWO QUEST GUIDE - A Soldier Prizes Speed

DWO QUEST GUIDE - A Soldier Prizes Speed